The MCAT is 70% Critical Thinking

And 30% Content Knowledge.

Have you spent your time mastering the science content knowledge? It's time to prioritize studying the critical thinking skills specifically needed for MCAT questions.

Take The Exam The Right Way.

Learn MCAT Strategies That Hundreds Of Students Have Used To Score Above A 515!

  • Understand Which Strategies Need Your Attention

    Our Diagnostic Activity Helps You Learn What Strategies To Focus On.

  • Master Critical Thinking Skills

    Learn The Analytic Mindset That Will Help You Reach Top Scorer Status.

  • CARS Reasoning

    Learn The Quick Way To Understand Passages & Answer Questions Correctly.

  • Dissect & Answer Questions

    Answer With Confidence By Learning How To Understand Every Question

  • Perfect Timing

    Use Custom Strategies To Effectively Time Each Section With Our Proven Strategy

  • Balance Logic & Content

    Learn How To Actively Engage With Passages By Balancing Logic & Content Knowledge

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We offer over 100 MCAT passages, completely free.

By The End Of This Course You Will:

  • Have the skills and abilities needed to increase your MCAT score and show medical schools what you are capable of

  • Develop a study plan that will keep you accountable and on track as your balance life with the MCAT

  • Be able to implement expert MCAT strategies on every section of the exam.

  • Never run out of time on MCAT again as we consistently work on timed passages and testing conditions

What's Included...

We have listed just some of things you will receive when you enroll in our MCAT Retaker Course

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: 100% of your money back if you complete the course and aren't satisfied for any reason.

  • STUDYING DIAGNOSTIC: Use our exclusive retaker diagnostic to learn where you need to prioritize studying the most.

  • MCAT QUESTION STRATEGIES: Learn dynamic strategies that allow students to answer every question and attack all passages.

  • 130+ CARS PASSAGES: Get extra practice with over 130 FREE CARS passages for every student.

What Do Our Students Say?

"Pillar Prep was Essential"


I wouldn't have had this confidence level in preparing for my MCAT if it wasn't for Pillar Prep!

"I went up 7 points!"


Helped me develop an amazing strategy for tackling all sorts of passages on the MCAT, especially B/B and CARS.

"Improved Testing Confidence"


Pillar Prep has been extremely helpful in boosting my confidence by mentoring me and providing me with the tools and resources I needed.

"Definitely Recommend"


Extremely helpful and motivated me to study thoroughly and reach my true potential.

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Course Curriculum

50+ Lessons Designed To Increase Your MCAT Score

Are you ready to increase the impact of your work? This course is divided into 3 units specifically designed to help you learn why you need to retake this exam and how you can increase your scoring.

Unit 1: Welcome & Diagnostic

Unit 1 introduces you to our course and includes our Strategy Diagnostic.

  • INSTRUCTOR WELCOME: This Chapter is designed to welcome you to the course and test your strategy skills.

  • STRATEGY DIAGNOSTIC: Our exclusive strategy diagnostic will show you what you are doing wrong and the strategies you need to implement to succeed on this exam.

  • STUDY PLAN: Learn how to create a master study plan that will set you up for success and keep you accountable

Unit 2: Dynamic Strategies

Unit 2 provides you with 15+ lessons on overall MCAT strategy. Use this unit to learn how to read every passage on the exam and answer every question.

  • ENGAGED READING: Learn how to read any passage on the MCAT using our question driven approach that is guaranteed to help you increase your understanding of each passage.

  • QUESTION UNDERSTANDING: Learn our step-by-step process to understanding complex and complicated questions on the exam.

  • ANSWERING PATHOLOGY: Learn how to evaluate every answer option using a research driven approach based on accuracy & context. ($300 Value)

Unit 3: Section Specific Strategies

Unit 3 provides section specific strategies for every section of the MCAT. Learn how to apply our dynamic strategies and accelerate your score.

  • CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS: Learn how to to strategically understand the relationships in chemistry passages and use your math skills for physics questions.

  • CARS: Learn how to understand every CARS passage using our proven strategy that is geared towards answering questions correctly.

  • BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY: Learn how to break down experimental passages and take away the right information from passages.

  • PSYCHOLOGY & SOCIOLOGY: This most overlooked section of the MCAT no longer! Learn how to ace this section and show your true potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Message Us Any Other Questions You May Have!

  • How Long Do I Have To Complete This Course?

    One of the best features of this course is the self-directed nature of it. That being said, some MCAT retakers work best with more structure - please contact Sean if this is the case. We recommend that you take about 6 weeks to complete this course, but you can take up to a year! This way you can study at your own pace and learn the skills in the best way possible.

  • What Makes This Prep Course Specific To Retakers?

    We worked with MCAT Retakers to research why students need to retake, what challenges retakers face, and how they can be better prepared for the exam. We then used that research to formulate this course. No other prep course has specifically designed to fit your needs as an MCAT Retaker.

  • Do I Need Outside Material To Complete This Course?

    Yes, you should purchase the AAMC practice material to complete this course. The AAMC practice material is extremely representative of the actual exam.

  • I Used The AAMC Material To Practice When I First Took The Exam. What Should I Do?

    We understand the uncertainty that comes with retaking the MCAT, especially when it comes to resources. You should still ensure that you have access to the AAMC material when taking this course. Having previously completed the AAMC material does not put you at a disadvantage; in fact, most of our students have already gone through the material multiple times. It does not matter how many times you have gone through the practice material - you have never gone through it like this before!

  • What Is The Structure Of The MCAT Lift Off Course?

    Students love the structure MCAT Lift Off Course because it is formatted to help you progress through every aspect of your MCAT retake. Our first three lessons serve as an introduction to help you learn why you need to retake and help you form a study plan based on that analysis. Then, we jump into our Dynamic Strategies unit where you will learn strategies that work in every section of the MCAT. After that, we continue to our section specific startegies and then finish by discussing what you can do next!

  • Will You Be Able To Give Me Individual Feedback?

    Certainly. If you attend our live workshops, I will be able to immediately attend to any issues you may have and help you as if you are a student I am tutoring.

  • I Get Anxious During The MCAT. Will This Course Help?

    The MCAT is designed to make you doubt yourself. Our strategies are systematically designed to turn your self doubt into confidence as you strategically answer every question on the MCAT.

Yes, I Want To Level Up My MCAT Studying!

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